Blue Mila Table Lamps

Kravet Blue Milas is an extremely popular light fixture used by celebrities in general. You can easily see this in some magazines and on television as well.

Kravet Milas Table Lamp – This unique Silhouette Lighting from the CuratedKravet line, this unique ceramic lamp features an antique, crackled red and brown finish, topped with a tan ivory shade and hand polished black nickel. Detailed with nickel plating on solid brass hardware. Each is hand crafted in America.

Kravet Mila – Blue Milas Lampshade – This beautiful shade is hand-finished in a color that matches the light of the lamp. The shade has a red base, which is then finished in a brown. The bottom of the shade is covered with a brown vinyl covering. This item comes with an additional sterling silver screw to hang the shade on your desk or shelf.

Milana Table Lamp – This beautiful hand blown lamp shade is one of three in this collection. It features a unique design featuring two flowers. The base of the lamp has a clear black lacquer.

Kravet Milana Table Lamp – This lampshade is hand blown in a deep blue tone and features a red base, which is then finished in a brown. This lampshade also features a very intricate design and is also a high quality item.

There are many more styles of Milana lamps available online as well as at many retail locations. You can also find various lighting systems that feature Milana lamps as well.

These lamps are not only very attractive but they have some other very positive characteristics as well. For example, Mila lamps are designed to be used under direct lighting which eliminates much of the glare that occurs when you look into a lighted area.

The Milas table lamps are very versatile. You can place them under a table lamp, a floor lamp, under a desk lamp, or on top of a desk lamp. They are so convenient to have around that you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

They are durable and come in a variety of finishes. You can find the traditional white, or you can get them in different colors such as blue or gray.

If you love to collect lighting systems then you should definitely consider Mila lamps. I know I do and have for many years.

Although these lamps can be used under any type of lamp, it is important to remember that they are not for use under a desk lamp, a table lamp, or even under a lamp with a bulb that has a shade. If you are using them for either of those purposes, you should consider having a table lamp with a shade so that you do not have to worry about being exposed to the glare when looking through the lamp’s shade.

There are many other options available to you if you are looking for Mila lamps. You can check out my website for some more information and photos of many of the different styles and designs.