Kids – What Does Kid Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the term “kidm” means? The kids’ name is derived from the Greek word “kido” which means child. The acronym I’m is used by a number of children’s hospitals across America to refer to their services. Here are some of the common uses of the term and reasons why it is so popular with parents and caretakers.

Google recently put up a Google Toolbar that was aimed at providing information about websites. The kids’ name, KIDM, is one of several links that appear under the word “kids”. Google users looking for more information on kidm could type in the name in quotation marks. When they hit enter, they see this: “Search results for KIDM: Your kid’s name (sometimes spelled Kidm)”. You may be wondering why people use quotation marks after their kid’s name. In short, it serves to clarify what it is that they are searching for.

Ask your favorite popular search engine whether you can add a question mark to a search term to make the answer more specific. For example, the term “what is kidm” would not bring up the best information if the person doing the searching did not have any idea of what the term meant. The same holds true for “kidm’s doctor” or “kidm’s braces”. Google uses a special tool to find a phrase by including it in quotation marks. If the person who is doing the searching does not understand what the term means, then they will be unable to provide any meaningful answers. Asking someone to define the term in their own words will give the searcher more relevant information.

Kids’ names often appear in online dictionaries as well as in parent blogs. Some people think that the name is slang, but others think otherwise. For example, a blog dedicated to talking about parenting called Mommy Blogs defines “kidm” as “a nickname given by friends and family.” Other blogs use the term to describe the term in the quote, and state that it refers to an online community that is similar to a virtual community. This is in addition to its social networking features and its similarity to other terms that are used to refer to virtual communities.

KIDm is popular among caregivers because it’s easy to spell and pronounce. Some people are unaware that I’m means the same thing as Kidding, which is slang for child jokes. Other websites state that it stands for Kid-Talk or Kiddie Talk.

Many schools and hospitals use KIDm in their name, such as: The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Child Advocacy Center, the KidMorphanics Foundation, the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. A website devoted to providing health care information states that KIDm has been used as an informal name for years and is now widely accepted. It also says that it is short for Kidding or Kid-Talk. Many families have adopted this acronym as a way to help kids get around school without people thinking they are making fun of their classmates.