The Joy Luck Club by Satomi Sakai

Satomi Sakai is a writer who writes from her Japanese heritage. Her mother was from Hokkaido and her father was from Okinawa. She has an American-Japanese husband, William, and a son, John. The rest of the family resides in New York.

In The Joy Luck Club, Satomi Sakai writes about growing up Japanese in New York. When she is a teenager she has trouble with a boy. When the boy is in trouble with the police, she tries to help him. He tells her what happened, and she becomes worried about him. Then he confesses that he is Jewish. When she asks why, he says, “Because of that girl with the red hair.” The boy is named Sarah, and he and her best friend, Nellie, become best friends.

As Satomi’s friendship develops, it seems that there may be more to Sarah than she let on. In one scene, Nellie has her hand through a window pane and comes upon Sarah. When Nellie sees this, she asks for a cigarette. Sarah gives her one, and then says she does not smoke. She then gets into a heated argument with Nellie, calling her a liar.

One scene in the book involves Sarah and her family. Sarah is trying to help Nellie with a sewing project and is really eager to please her mother. But when she is asked to leave the room, her mother is upset. Her mother tells her that if she ever wants to do anything else to the furniture in the house, she has to ask her permission first.

Another scene in the book involves Sarah’s relationship with her mother. She becomes a little jealous when her mother doesn’t seem interested in her. But when Sarah’s mom invites Nellie to dinner, Sarah is not offended. She is just pleased that her mother is even considering Nellie’s presence. After dinner, she and Nellie share a kiss.

Overall, The Joy Luck Club by Satomi Sakai is a very moving book about growing up Japanese in New York. She shows how important it is to maintain friendships outside of the family. and how the people you meet at school affect how you feel about yourself.

In addition to her writing skills, Sakai is also a talented artist. She has some very lovely pieces of art including a small collection of paintings that are hung on her wall. In the book, she also writes about how she has changed her outlook on life after a troubled childhood and the joys of her adulthood.

The Joy Luck Club is an enjoyable read. If you are looking for a gentle story about friendship, then I highly recommend reading this book.