A Portable and Lightweight Handheld GPS Unit For Camping

Destron 3 is a portable and lightweight handheld unit that has become one of the most popular handheld gps units available in today’s market. This portable and lightweight unit is designed to be used outdoors and is able to provide you with detailed elevation, latitude and longitude readings.

The device also offers an easy to use interface and easy navigation buttons so that you can simply turn the unit on, activate the display and start using your portable GPS device. These units are battery operated and you will need to charge them up every time you use them, but they have a large enough battery pack that should last you for a week or more.

The screen of the Destron 3 is highly readable and the user is able to view his location on the screen at the same time as the display showing the altitude and distance information from all the satellites it is linked to. If you are using the unit with an iPhone, iPod Touch or any other mobile phone, then the display will be displayed on your mobile device in a small size so that it is easy to read easily. The unit is designed for all types of weather conditions and is not affected by strong sunlight.

The screen is also capable of being viewed from the direction that you are walking and the screen does not show a reflection which would make the unit difficult to use in bright sunlight. All this means that the screen is not only clear, but the display also provides the user with plenty of information.

The unit is equipped with an ability to display the distance to any different locations in the map. This is very useful if you want to find a certain spot on the map where you can set up your tent. It also shows the shortest route from point A to point B, to allow you to have a plan of where to go and the distance that you need to cover. The navigation buttons are also located at the top of the display so you can easily use them when you are out in the open.

When you want to find a camping location, whether it is in a forest or in an open field, this portable GPS unit is extremely handy and is perfect to help you get there without having to search high and low looking for a suitable location to set up camp. The unit comes with a detachable bag that you can carry with you in case you are looking for something to bring with you on your next camping trip. and also features a waterproof housing for the display screen. to ensure that your display is not affected by the rain.