Momo No Kana Review – What is Momo No Kana?

Momo no Kana is a cute Japanese cartoon that was aired in the 1970s on TV. It is written in English and it has several characters that you will come to recognize as you watch. The story of Momo no Kana follows a little girl named Momo and her friend Chihuahua called Chihuahua. Chihuahua is a big fan of Momo, and they spend a lot of time together, sometimes even sleeping together. One day Momo decides to go to Japan to meet Chihuahua’s parents, but Chihuahua doesn’t want to go.

Momo is worried about Chihuahua’s attitude, but Chihuahua tells her that he knows she is not going, but he can see that she is really happy. Chihuahua then reveals that Momo’s father is a wealthy businessman in Japan and that Momo’s mom is dying.

Momo goes to visit Chihuahua’s father, but Chihuahua doesn’t want to go with her. Chihuahua says he has to work for his money and he is not going to spend it going to Japan to see Momo’s dad. Momo goes to confront Chihuahua and he agrees to go, but Momo finds out that Chihuahua needs a favor. Momo’s mom then gives Momo an apple, telling her that if Chihuahua brings it back to her, then she will give it to Chihuahua.

After Chihuahua brings back the apple, Momo discovers that Chihuahua loves apples and takes him to a park where Momo’s dad works. Chihuahua is thrilled at the idea of going to the park with Momo, but Chihuahua doesn’t know how to ride a bike. So Momo gives him an apple so that he can learn how to ride a bike. After Chihuahua gets a bike and learns how to ride a bike, he rides it in the park with Momo and his new friend Chihuahua. The two boys end up playing together, having a great time.

Eventually, Chihuahua wants to go to school and Momo tells him that if he doesn’t go to school, she will take him instead. Chihuahua thinks Momo is playing with him, but Momo is very excited about this, and she insists that he go. Momo gets Chihuahua his new bike and take him with her to school.

They drive off in their new car and Dad meets them there and asks them to give Dad his new car for free. Momo gets Chihuahua a new bike as well.