Anime Series Review – Miyuki Sakura

The main character of the series, Miyuki Sakura, is a Japanese schoolgirl who has to make her first trip abroad when she was twelve years old. It is her first experience in a foreign country and she is excited to learn new things and meet other people.

Her family had been given an allowance by the government to send their daughter to England where she would join the army and be part of the American expedition to the Far East. However, Miyuki is very excited about her trip and would do anything she can to get her ticket. She plans to shop in various stores and even buy a new dress for herself.

When she gets to London, the staffs of her hotel is not so nice with her and as a result, she does not feel at home there. She would rather stay in the common areas and go out with her friends. She finds them too boring and does not like to be there all the time. She is also afraid that she will not get along with the people she meets in the different part of the world.

When she finally reaches America, it is very important for her to get used to the culture of her new home, so she would be able to interact with other people more comfortably. Her new friends are very different from the ones she had met in England, but they do not bother to talk to her because they think she is stupid.

However, when she finally meets her friends for the first time in America, she becomes curious about them and asks her new friends if they knew where they were from. She was told that they came from Japan. They explained to her that they were part of an organization called “The Knights’ School” which protects Japan.

She decides to join the school and become part of its school division which was headed by her older brother, Miyuki. Although she had no idea where the school is located, she soon found out that it is on the outskirts of Tokyo. Her brother and her new friends helped her get ready to leave the hotel where she was staying and finally travel overseas. One of the most interesting things that she discovered in America was that she was now a very good cook. The other girls liked it because they could cook something that she prepared especially for them.